T. rex and the World of the Tyrannosaurs was brought into existence by the user DeinonychusDinosaur999 on May 16, 2010.

Using and Blocking AccountsEdit

If you create your own user name and password you'll have advantages over the site than others who go under their IP address.

Some of which is deleting pages, erasing history and even blocking users that vandalize the site.

You shouldn't block users for one possible vandalism or one definite vandalism, but if they keep on returning to their version after there version was vandalism you feel free to block them.

If some information is considered vandalism and somebody keeps on returning the page to that original version and the information is true and somebody blocks the vandalizing user; the user that blocked the vandalizing user will be vandalizing this site.

Do not block users for more than two weeks at the most, but if somebody has a very great record for vandalizing the site and has not been blocked for the vandalizing you can do it for up to a few months. Please don't block users for four months or more.

Shoot for Accuracy!Edit

There are limits to what you can put on the site. Of which are facts and images. For facts you must not depict any dinosaurs as scaly, non-agile, or stupid. There are also some image limits too. of which are:

  • They should not have pronated "bunny-style" hands. It is okay to show them like this but if you have a more accurate picture than use it.
  • Small tyrannosaurs less than twenty feet long must have protofeathers or feathers.
  • The primary feathers of coelurosaurian wings should grow from the second finger, not from the arm, as is often shown.
  • Leg "wings" are basal to deinonychosaurs, so keep this in mind when restoring a tyrannosaur.


I don't care if you speculate, after all science is speculating. Just don't say that one speculation is absolutely certain but possible. Taxonomic issues for this site will also be reverted, for example don't call Tyrannosaurus bataar, "Tarbosaurus".

Stubs and other TemplatesEdit

Please use the InfoBox, not any Scientific Classification InfoBox. Only use these with pages that discuss taxonomy levels higher than genera (class, family, order, etc).

A stub is a page with less than 1,000 bytes. Templates do not count for bytes.

I hope you abide by these rules, DeinonychusDinosaur999 (talk)

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