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Sue (FMNH PR 2081)

Named After...

Sue Hendrickson


40 feet long, 13 feet tall


Around 9 short tons


Around 28 human years of age

Fossil Range

Around 67-65.5 million years old


FMNH PR 2081 or Sue (after the name of her discoverer, Sue Hendrickson) is one of the largest specimens of Tyrannosaurus rex. It is believed that Sue is a female T. rex, due to her heavy skeleton. FMNH PR 2081 was the first aged skeleton of Tyrannosaurus rex and was around 28 years old. This disproved the theory that T. rex lived as long as elephants (60 years of age) just because of their large size. Sue was discovered in 1990 in Black Hills, South Dakota and was sold to the Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois in 1997 for 7.6 million US dollars. The highest amount paid for any dinosaur fossil.

Parasitic Infection[]

An illustration of Tyrannosaurus rex with Trichomonas gallinae