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System Series Stage Age (Ma)
Paleogene Paleocene Danian younger
Cretaceous Late Maastrichtian 65.5–70.6
Campanian 70.6–83.5
Santonian 83.5–85.8
Coniacian 85.8–89.3
Turonian 89.3–93.5
Cenomanian 93.5–99.6
Lower Albian 99.6–112.0
Aptian 112.0–125.0
Barremian 125.0–130.0
Hauterivian 130.0–136.4
Valanginian 136.4–140.2
Berriasian 140.2–145.5
Jurassic Upper Tithonian older

What the Late Cretaceous looked like around 70 million years ago.

The Late Cretaceous is a period in the Earth's history when the rise of the tyrannosaurs took place [1]. What followed this period was a mass extinction that wiped out half of all life on Earth. The Late Cretaceous lasted 34.1 million years from 99.6-65.5 million years ago.


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