Ornitholestes hermanni


Adam Hermann's Bird Robber


8.2 feet long, 3.7 feet long


25 pounds


Carnivorous: Small animals such as Birds.


Coniferous forest, Riverbed

Fossil Range

150 million years ago: Living for approximately one million years


Wyoming, USA

Did You Know...

It may not have been any thing like a tyrannosaur, some suggest (Like Thomas R. Holtz) that it was a primitive tyrannoraptorine, others believe it was a primitive maniraptoran.



Ornitholestes hermanni is a species of possible tyrannosaur from Wyoming, USA in the Late Jurassic Epoch. It is one of the most, little-known genera of theropods in the world.

Classification and History of DiscoveriesEdit


Superorder: Dinosauria

Order: Saurischia

Suborder: Theropoda

Unranked: Coelurosauria/Tyrannoraptora

Superfamily: Tyrannosauroidea

Family: Coeluridae?

Subfamily: Ornitholestinae

Tribe: Ornitholestini

Genus: Ornitholestes

Species: Ornitholestes hermanni

Feathered Ornitholestes

Ornitholestes hermanni fits into the superorder Dinosauria obviously, skipping down, T. rex fits in the unranked suborder Coelurosauria, the superfamily Tyrannosauroidea, possibly the family Coeluridae, the subfamily Ornitholestinae, the tribe Ornitholestini and the genus Ornitholestes.

History of DiscoveriesEdit

Before the evolution of feathers was realized in dinosaurs Ornitholestes hermanni was featherless. This has appeared in many forms of popular culture such as Walking With Dinosaurs and their miniseries. It has also been seen in the painting of Ornitholestes by Charles R. Knight. Another misconception about Ornitholestes was that it had a nasal horn, this also has appeared in Walking with Dinosaurs and many forms of artwork such as Gregory S. Paul's and Fabio Pastori's. They believed it because of a bad skull that had a crushed nasal bone which appeared as a horn.


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