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Tyrannosaurus/Tarbosaurus bataar


Terrifying Tyrant Lizard


34 feet long, 11 feet tall


2.5-3 short tons


Carnivorous: Hadrosaurs, Ceratopsids and other herbivorous theropods such as Ornithomimosaurs, suggests a wide diet from very small animals (dromaeosaurids; like Velociraptor) to very large animals (hadrosaurs; like Shantungosaurus)


Deserted area

Fossil Range

70-65 million years ago: Living for approximately five million years


Asia; China and Mongolia

Did You Know...

Tyrannosaurus bataar may belong to it's own genus, Tarbosaurus.

The tyrannosaurine Tyrannosaurus bataar attacks the hadrosaur Saurolophus in a Late Cretaceous Mongolian forest

Tyranosaurus bataar is a species of the famous genus Tyrannosaurus. It is also known as Tarbosaurus.

It lived in what is now Mongolia and China in the continent of Asia. It lived with many deinonychosaurs such as Tsaagan, Velociraptor, Linheraptor, Troodon, Byronosaurus and Adasaurus. It also lived with many prey items such as Therizinosaurus, Deinocheirus, Saurolophus, Tarchia and possibly Shantungosaurus.

Tyrannosaurus bataar probably had to compete with predators. In the Chinese specimen of T. bataar it could have possibly lived with the abelisaurid Rajasaurus narmadensis.

Tyrannosaurus bataar lived in the Maastrictian stage of the Upper Cretaceous precisely 70 to 65.5 million years ago living successfully for five million years. Tyrannosaurus bataar died out from the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event. An extinction that wiped out over half of all life on Earth. What caused the extinction is a matter of debate, whether T. bataar died out from a volcanic eruption or an asteroid hitting the Earth is a matter of disagreement.

T. bataar was about 34 feet (10.3 meters) long and weighed about five tons or 10,000 pounds (4535.92 kilograms).

Classification and History of Discoveries[]


Superorder: Dinosauria

Order: Saurischia

Suborder: Theropoda

Unranked: Coelurosauria/Tyrannoraptora

Superfamily: Tyrannosauroidea

Family: Tyrannosauridae

Subfamily: Tyrannosaurinae

Tribe: Tyrannosaurini

Genus: Tyrannosaurus/Tarbosaurus

Species: Tyrannosaurus/Tarbosaurus bataar

Tyrannosaurus bataar fits into the superorder Dinosauria obviously, skipping down, T. bataar fits in the unranked suborder Coelurosauria, the superfamily Tyrannosauroidea, the family Tyrannosauridae, the subfamily Tyrannosaurinae, the tribe Tyrannosaurini and the genus Tyrannosaurus. Yet controversy remains, it could belong to it's own genus called Tarbosaurus.

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