Fossil Record: Late Cretaceous, 84-65.5 million years ago

Sk king
Scientific classification
Superorder: Dinosauria
Order: Saurischia
Suborder: Theropoda
Unranked: Coelurosauria
Superfamily: Tyrannosauroidea
Family: Tyrannosauridae

Tyrannosauridae is a family of tyrannosauroids. It consists of five genera, Tyrannosaurus, Albertosaurus, Aublysodon, Alioramus and Daspletosaurus.

These theropods were very derived and specialized. Some where 15-feet-long and weighed half-a-short-ton and others were very large, up to 45-feet-long and weighing 7-short-tons.


Tyrannosauridae is a family in rank-based Linnaean taxonomy, within the superfamily Tyrannosauroidea and the suborder Theropoda.

Tyrannosauridae is uncontroversially divided into two subfamilies. Albertosaurinae comprises the North American genera Albertosaurus and Gorgosaurus, while Tyrannosaurinae includes Daspletosaurus, Tarbosaurus and Tyrannosaurus itself. Some authors include the species Gorgosaurus libratus in the genus Albertosaurus and Tarbosaurus bataar in the genus Tyrannosaurus while others prefer to retain Gorgosaurus and Tarbosaurus as separate genera. Albertosaurines are characterized by more slender builds, lower skulls, and proportionately longer tibiae than tyrannosaurines. In tyrannosaurines, the sagittal crest on the parietals continues forward onto the frontals.


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